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Samsung S7 Edge: probably the best smartphone in the world right now

May 02 2016 | Source: | Auther: John Everington
What was true of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at its launch in early March remains the case two months later: the Korean giant’s new flagship is the best smartphone in the world right now. The S7 Edge builds on the raw promise of its predecessor, the S6 Edge, delivering a ... Read More

UAE start-ups take on might of the big grocery stores with online retail

May 01 2016 | Source: | Auther: Andrew Scott
Online grocery shopping is moving down the food chain as smaller start-ups take on the big hypermarkets in the battle to win the shopping baskets of millenials. El Grocer officially launched in January with groceries reaching app users in Dubai in less than one hour. It is ... Read More

iDoneThis app helps to log daily work accomplishments

Apr 26 2016 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Holland
To-do lists are old news. The new trend in productivity is the “done list": a log made at the end of each day of each individual’s accomplishments. Done lists help bosses track their employees’ workflow without having to call endless meetings, reward success and get ... Read More

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 launches in UAE

Apr 25 2016 | Source: | Auther: The National staff
The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is now available in the UAE. The device, 8.4mm thin and a mere 766g, features a 12.3-inch PixelSense display, sixth-generation Intel Core processor and a multi-position kickstand, allowing it to change from a tablet to a laptop as needed. It comes ... Read More

Online ordering new trend in India’s food business

Apr 23 2016 | Source:
Rebecca Bundhun Booming online ordering and home delivery services are helping to drive the growth of India’s restaurant industry. There are a growing number of websites and apps in the country that allow users to order from a wide range of restaurants, including Zomato, ... Read More

Appetite for new cuisines and tastes keeps India’s restaurant scene busy

Apr 23 2016 | Source: | Auther: Rebecca Bundhun
Boman Kohinoor, 93, owns a historic restaurant in south Mumbai called Britannia & Company. The eatery, which serves Iranian and Parsi cuisine and has simple décor, based in an old business district lined with British architecture, was opened by Mr Kohinoor’s father in ... Read More

Netflix must expand beyond video, or risk Amazon domination

Apr 20 2016 | Source: | Auther: Peter Nowak
Pop quiz: name an internet company, at least 10 years old, that does only one thing. It’s hard to come up with many examples, isn’t it? That’s precisely why Netflix, which will celebrate a decade of streaming next year, is eventually going to have to sell something besides ... Read More

Focus Booster app helps to improve concentration

Apr 19 2016 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Holland
Focus Booster is one of several apps that helps you use the Pomodoro Technique to get work done. This technique, developed in the ‘90s by the Italian developer Francesco Cirillo, originally involved setting a kitchen timer to go off after a 25-minute interval. During that ... Read More