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Appetite for new cuisines and tastes keeps India’s restaurant scene busy

Apr 23 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Rebecca Bundhun
Boman Kohinoor, 93, owns a historic restaurant in south Mumbai called Britannia & Company. The eatery, which serves Iranian and Parsi cuisine and has simple décor, based in an old business district lined with British architecture, was opened by Mr Kohinoor’s father in ... Read More

Netflix must expand beyond video, or risk Amazon domination

Apr 20 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Peter Nowak
Pop quiz: name an internet company, at least 10 years old, that does only one thing. It’s hard to come up with many examples, isn’t it? That’s precisely why Netflix, which will celebrate a decade of streaming next year, is eventually going to have to sell something besides ... Read More

Focus Booster app helps to improve concentration

Apr 19 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Jessica Holland
Focus Booster is one of several apps that helps you use the Pomodoro Technique to get work done. This technique, developed in the ‘90s by the Italian developer Francesco Cirillo, originally involved setting a kitchen timer to go off after a 25-minute interval. During that ... Read More

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 review: A valid reason not to buy a laptop

Apr 18 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: John Everington
Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablet is far more than a just fun-sized version of last year’s 12.7-inch iPad Pro. It is a genuinely innovative device in its own right, and for my money the best tablet on the market. The new iPad Pro’s standout feature is its display, which ... Read More

BlackBerry needs to ditch mobile phones – and its CEO

Apr 14 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Peter Nowak
By this point, you have to wonder if there is something in the water at BlackBerry’s headquarters in Canada. In an exclusive interview with The National last week, chief executive John Chen revealed that his company is going to release two new devices in 2016 - one with the ... Read More

Google Drive app your free and secure toolbox

Apr 12 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Suzanne Locke
Want an app where you can access all your files and edit them too? Welcome to Google Drive. With more than 240 million active users a month, Drive is like cloud storage space Dropbox and productivity suite Microsoft Office rolled into one. Google first launched its public ... Read More

Apple’s iPhone SE smartphone packs impressive punch

Apr 11 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Alvaro Sanmarti
One of the key target markets for the iPhone SE, Apple’s new more affordable smartphone with a 4-inch screen, are Android users like me who are unmoved by the big screens of flagship smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7. Even though the Moto G I’ve used for the past ... Read More

Electric cars are only as clean as their power source

Apr 10 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Robin Mills
The Emirati commentator Sheikh Sultan Al Qassemi recounts the tale of a Gulf friend who had bought a Tesla electric car to be environmentally friendly. Asked where he serviced it, he replied: “I fly it to LA". Tesla’s new Model 3 went on pre-order at the end of last month ... Read More

The muddled meaning and corporate future of selfies

Apr 07 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Peter Nowak
When is a “selfie" not a “selfie?" When it’s taken by someone else. Then, it’s … er, an elsey? It’s a seemingly innocuous distinction, but with the selfie - essentially a photo you take of yourself - evolving from a simple expression of narcissism to an increasingly used ... Read More

Primitive human responses to video streaming stress

Apr 06 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Suzanne Locke
Is your bank or your boss stressing you out? That’s to be expected. But waiting for a video to load on your phone? Apparently today that causes more stress than queuing or solving a maths problem. According to an Ericsson Mob­ility Report, just a six-second delay in your ... Read More