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Emirates Steel uses drones to keep an eye out for gas flares

Apr 05 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: LeAnne Graves
Emirates Steel is pioneering the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at its plants, which is helping to save millions of dirhams for the Abu Dhabi-based company. The country’s largest steel maker is one of the first UAE industrial groups to use drones to inspect live ... Read More

Gadget review: Virtual adventures with Oculus Rift

Apr 04 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: AP and Bloomberg
The first consumer-ready Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was delivered to a real person late last month, and reviewers got their first taste. The initial feedback: it’s a beautiful, wonderful device that immerses you, yet it still has ways to go. Oculus founder Palmer ... Read More

Tesla steers masses to electric vehicles with Model 3 launch

Apr 03 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Bloomberg
In the history of the automobile, this is definitely something we haven’t seen before. Tesla on Thursday lifted the veil on its most important undertaking – the Model 3. A US$35,000 car designed to bring electric vehicles and autonomous driving to the masses. By the looks ... Read More

Satellite imagery connects the dots for advanced solutions on the ground

Apr 03 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Jessica Holland
When wildfires start blazing across remote parts of South Africa, electricity providers, whose transmission lines can burn up, take a hit. Monitoring every inch of these lines by CCTV or by human eye would be costly, but it is one of the many problems that commercial ... Read More

Checky app helps curb smartphone addiction

Mar 29 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Suzanne Locke
How often do we check our phones? Twenty-seven times a day if you’re in the United Kingdom and a shocking 46 times if you’re in the United States, according to a Deloitte study. If you want to find out how often we do it here in the UAE – where each person has an average of ... Read More

Apple iPhone SE review: Attractive price and impressive capabilities

Mar 28 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: AP
Unless you take a lot of selfies or need a bigger phone, Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE is a good choice at a good price. You get the same 12-megapixel rear camera that’s in the much larger iPhone 6S, but at a US list price of US$400, you will pay about US$250 less. You also ... Read More

Competitive videogaming a largely untapped market in Middle East

Mar 27 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Jessica Holland
To many, videogames exist in a separate realm from “real" sports, and that time spent perfecting offensive strategies in a fantastical cyber world is time wasted. But competitive eSports are becoming a huge worldwide phenomenon. The Middle East’s video games industry is ... Read More

iPhone SE: Four reasons why new smartphone is vital for Apple

Mar 24 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Peter Nowak
It’s easy to write off Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone SE on Monday as an unimportant, gradual improvement over previous models, but it’s wrong to do so. The iPhone SE is actually vital to Apple’s future - and therefore mobile technology overall - for a number of reasons, ... Read More

Malwarebytes to begin operations in Dubai next month

Mar 23 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Shereen El Gazzar
The California-based cyber sec­urity company Malwarebytes plans to expand in the Middle East, where it some of the largest malware infection rates in the world. It will start its operations in Dubai next month and is looking to make “significant" hires over the coming weeks. ... Read More

Apple to unveil smaller, cheaper iPhone on Monday

Mar 20 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Bloomberg
Since Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007, mobile handsets have only got bigger. But chief executive Tim Cook will buck that trend on Monday when he presents a smaller ­iPhone, seeking to entice holdouts to upgrade to a new smartphone, even if they don’t want a larger ... Read More