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RPA and Artificial Intelligence: towards which “Intelligent Automation”?

Sep 20 2017 | Source: www.kleptika.com | Auther: kleptika.com
Kleptika Partner Contextor invites you to a breakfast-conference on October 12th in Paris, France.  It will be a unique opportunity to discuss with specialists in artificial intelligence and process automation and to share feedback on the complementarity between these ... Read More

Join us at Insurance Brokers Forum 2017

Sep 20 2017 | Source: www.kleptika.com | Auther: Kleptika.com
Kleptika will be speaking at the Insurance Broker’s Forum In the Middle East insurance industry, insurance brokers form a key distribution channel in the market. In recent times competition is fierce. Innovation and differentiation, while focusing on the needs of the ... Read More

Unlocking the Potential of Robotic Automation

Dec 20 2016 | Source: www.kleptika.com | Auther: Kleptika.com
Robotic Automation is a global game changer when it comes to increasing operational and cost efficiency for businesses, but there still isn’t enough awareness about what the technology can do and just how much value it can add. Both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and ... Read More

The Vital Guide to Web Design Interviewing

Nov 14 2016 | Source: www.toptal.com | Auther: Toptal.com
The Challenge Hiring web designers can be difficult. There are many disciplines under the common term ‘designer,’ and experts in one field may be novices in another, while others are a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” To make things worse, people commonly relate ... Read More

Digital banking getting popular in the UAE, but customers still need the human touch

May 15 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Tirad Al Mahmoud
Is the closing bell sounding for banking as we know it? Many would have us believe that digitisation, and even artificial intelligence, will soon eradicate humans from our personal financial world. Bankers could become the new “Luddites", raging against the machine. But just ... Read More

Chat bots are the latest tech trend that will go nowhere

May 12 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Peter Nowak
Bots, bots, bots, bots, bots. Welcome to the technology world’s latest trend. Move over wearables, step aside connected home – it’s time for bots to have their moment in the sun. Bots – or, more specifically, quasi-intelligent automated chat bots for popular messaging apps ... Read More

The new Apple app that pays you to exercise more

May 11 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Reuters
A free smartphone app that will pay people to be physically active has launched in Britain, with users given digital “sweatcoins" depending on how many steps they take that can be exchanged for rewards or traded like money. It’s the latest initiative in an emerging fitness ... Read More

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review: 2-in-1 tablet to rival Microsoft Surface Pro 4

May 09 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: John Everington
Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S Windows tablet is the latest in a line of devices including the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro designed to persuade customers to ditch their laptops once and for all. And while the TabPro S is up against some stiff competition, it succeeds by ... Read More

Emirates Defense Technology to develop self-propelled artillery

May 08 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Michael Fahy
Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Defense Technology (EDT) has signed a deal with the UK-based aero­space and defence company BAE Systems as a partner to develop artillery vehicles. The agreement signed includes the opportunity to use BAE Systems’ towed M777 155mm Lightweight Howitzer ... Read More

Virtual reality is going to lead to real carnage, and maybe some cheap laughs

May 05 2016 | Source: www.thenational.ae | Auther: Peter Nowak
Coming soon to YouTube: videos of people injuring themselves and destroying property while deep in the throes of virtual reality. I almost learnt this the hard way the other day while playing with the HTC Vive VR headset. I was trying an early, as-yet-unreleased version of a ... Read More