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Is it a bird? No it’s a Wingcopter

Oct 28 2015 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Hill
If you spy a falcon at next month’s Big Boys Toys Exhibition, you might need to look more closely. What you will actually be seeing is a Wingcopter, a limited edited drone otherwise known as a vertical take-off and landing hybrid aerial system that combines the advantages of ... Read More

Facebook’s Zuckerberg goes to India to get ‘next billion online’

Oct 28 2015 | Source: | Auther: AFP
Facebook chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday he believes India will be crucial to getting “the next billion online” and helping to alleviate poverty. Speaking to about 900 students at New Delhi’s Indian Institute of Technology, Mr Zuckerberg said ... Read More

Apple set for opening of stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Oct 27 2015 | Source: | Auther: Andrew Scott
The opening of Apple’s first stores in the UAE tomorrow will give the electronics retail sector a much-needed shot in the arm, analysts said. The outlets at Dubai’s Mall of Emirates (MoE) and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall will open to the public this week, but yesterday the company ... Read More

China’s Huawei takes smartphone fight to Samsung and Apple as shipments boom

Oct 27 2015 | Source: | Auther: Reuters
China’s Huawei is set to be the fastest-growing major smartphone vendor this year, analysts said, boosting its drive upmarket to challenge industry giants Samsung and Apple. The upbeat view came after Huawei, the world’s third-biggest smartphone supplier by volume, on ... Read More

Sony Xperia M5 smartphone review: Dual big on versatility

Oct 26 2015 | Source: | Auther: Michael Fahy
Before I picked up the Sony Xperia M5 Dual, I’d never even used Android. I’ve owned iPhones for the past seven years, and although not an Apple eulogist (I’ve never felt the need for an iPad or an Apple Watch) I’ve stuck with them because they’re really easy to use – ... Read More

Samsung takes on Apple with expansion at Dubai Mall outlet

Oct 25 2015 | Source: | Auther: Andrew Scott
Competition will intensify in the UAE’s retail sector this week after Samsung Electronics unveiled its revamped flagship store just days before the first Apple shops open to the public in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Dubai Mall outlet underwent a Dh5 million renovation over 60 ... Read More

SME profile: Feedback that is equal to the task

Oct 24 2015 | Source: | Auther: John Everington
‘As part of our ongoing effort to improve our services, we invite you to participate in a survey at the end of this call.” Such automated messages, as well as smiling staff with clipboards asking us for “just five minutes of your time”, are enough to send most of us running ... Read More

LibraryBox offers users a chunk of the Splinternet

Oct 24 2015 | Source: | Auther: Peter Nowak
It is easy to take ubiquitous internet access for granted in the developed world. But getting online in many developing countries is still tough or impossible due to a permutation of poverty, government neglect or infrastructure challenges. One of the near-term solutions may ... Read More

Back to the Future Day celebrates how much the movie got right about technology

Oct 21 2015 | Source: | Auther: Agencies
Today is Back to the Future Day – October 21, 2015, the date to which Marty McFly and Doc Brown flew forward in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II. Celebrations are everywhere. The internet abounds with analyses of how many of the film’s predicted technologies and ... Read More