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Etisalat aims for 50 per cent of revenue from faster internet services

Oct 20 2015 | Source: | Auther: Shereen El Gazzar
Etisalat is aiming to generate as much as half of its revenues from data as it goes head to head with rival du to win more fixed line customers. It follows huge investment in the introduction of high- speed internet services across the country over the past four years and ... Read More

Feedly app review: effective news gathering alternative to social media

Oct 20 2015 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Holland
“RSS” is an acronym that doesn’t get much airtime these days – its appearance in worldwide online searches has been steadily declining since its peak in late 2005. However, all the most plugged-in, productive people I know swear by Feedly, a news-gathering tool that lets you ... Read More

Race to the app store: innovative minds tackle Dubai Hackathon

Oct 19 2015 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Hill
Is it possible to design and build a new app in just 36 hours? The winning team at Decode Dubai’s recent “Hackathon” discovered it is. Some of the UAE’s most innovative minds were set the challenge of developing financial technology mobile apps in a short time frame at ... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + review: flashy design and strong rival to iPhone 6S Plus

Oct 19 2015 | Source: | Auther: John Everington
Let’s get this out of the way right away, shall we? The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is a big screen smartphone for people who don’t like Apple phones, but secretly want an iPhone 6S Plus anyway. Just as Samsung brought out the beautiful, curved screen Edge to compete with ... Read More

Yahsat on track with Brazil plan

Oct 18 2015 | Source: | Auther: Mustafa Alrawi
Abu Dhabi’s Yahsat has moved further ahead with the development of critical communications infrastructure for its expansion of broadband services to Brazil when its third satellite launches in less than two years’ time. Al Yah 3, scheduled for service launch in early 2017, ... Read More

Cybersquatting’s role in new tech start-ups’ bizarre, senseless names

Oct 17 2015 | Source: | Auther: Peter Nowak
Let’s say you happen to be looking for a roommate in London. You’re in luck – Ruumi, a new UK-based start-up, will help you to find one through an Airbnb-like crowd-sourcing website. Or what if you want to simply “review” other people the same way you might review a ... Read More

SME profile: Bootstrapped technology business secures cash for growth dash

Oct 17 2015 | Source: | Auther: Michael Fahy
JRD Group, the parent company of the property listings site, may not currently generate as much Web traffic as its larger competitors dubizzle and propertyfinder, but it is hardly slouching. With more than 1 million monthly visitors to its property portals, ... Read More

Fancy doing the Abu Dhabi-Dubai commute in 15 minutes?

Oct 14 2015 | Source: | Auther: Shereen El Gazzar
The Abu Dhabi-Dubai commute could take less than 15 minutes if Peter Diamandis has his way. The co-founder of the United States-based Planetary Resources has landed in the UAE to bang the drum for a futuristic form of travel known as the “hyperloop” – where people are ... Read More

Etihad awards $700m cloud-computing contract to IBM

Oct 13 2015 | Source: | Auther: Lucy Barnard
Etihad Airways has signed a US$700 million deal with IBM to provide cloud computing services that the airline says will make air travel easier for passengers. The 10-year technology services agreement will mean IBM provides new information technology services to Etihad and ... Read More

Apple iPhone 6s, 6s Plus review: new camera welcome but not much else to entice

Oct 12 2015 | Source: | Auther: John Everington
Saturday marked the biggest day in the tech calendar for the UAE with the official release of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Unlike the comprehensive design overhaul of last year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the latest upgrades to its smartphone range are, as expected, on the ... Read More