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Competitive videogaming a largely untapped market in Middle East

Mar 27 2016 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Holland
To many, videogames exist in a separate realm from “real" sports, and that time spent perfecting offensive strategies in a fantastical cyber world is time wasted. But competitive eSports are becoming a huge worldwide phenomenon. The Middle East’s video games industry is ... Read More

iPhone SE: Four reasons why new smartphone is vital for Apple

Mar 24 2016 | Source: | Auther: Peter Nowak
It’s easy to write off Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone SE on Monday as an unimportant, gradual improvement over previous models, but it’s wrong to do so. The iPhone SE is actually vital to Apple’s future - and therefore mobile technology overall - for a number of reasons, ... Read More

Malwarebytes to begin operations in Dubai next month

Mar 23 2016 | Source: | Auther: Shereen El Gazzar
The California-based cyber sec­urity company Malwarebytes plans to expand in the Middle East, where it some of the largest malware infection rates in the world. It will start its operations in Dubai next month and is looking to make “significant" hires over the coming weeks. ... Read More

Apple to unveil smaller, cheaper iPhone on Monday

Mar 20 2016 | Source: | Auther: Bloomberg
Since Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007, mobile handsets have only got bigger. But chief executive Tim Cook will buck that trend on Monday when he presents a smaller ­iPhone, seeking to entice holdouts to upgrade to a new smartphone, even if they don’t want a larger ... Read More

Rivals and gamers see through Microsoft’s online game play

Mar 19 2016 | Source: | Auther: Peter Nowak
If conclusive proof was needed of just how badly Microsoft has blown its previous dominance of the videogame business, the company’s overture this past week to rivals on interoperable online play is surely it. The software giant kicked off the annual Game Developers ... Read More

Internet of things will guide next big breakthrough in smartphones

Mar 16 2016 | Source: | Auther: Nabila Popa
These days, everyone only seems to want to look forward, without ever stopping to look back. And nowhere is this more keenly felt right now than in the smartphone industry, where everyone is eagerly awaiting the next big breakthrough in mobile technology. Such breakthroughs ... Read More

Big appetite for UAE restaurant locator start-ups

Mar 15 2016 | Source: | Auther: Jessica Holland
The food and drink industry continues to grow in the UAE, with an extra 1,600 outlets expected by 2019, according to a recent KPMG survey. But it’s not only restaurant owners and suppliers who are reaping the rewards. A crop of local, regional and international companies ... Read More

Alcatel X1 review: A premium design smartphone for moderate price tag

Mar 14 2016 | Source: | Auther: John Everington
Alcatel’s Onetouch X1 is the latest mid-range smartphone to offer a solid all-round performance for less than Dh1,000, going head-to-head against the likes of the Huawei Honor 5X, the OnePlus X and the Samsung Galaxy A5. So how does it compare against such established ... Read More

Human drivers at the wheel may soon be extinct

Mar 12 2016 | Source: | Auther: Peter Nowak
Everyone knows cars are terrible investments. They plummet in value the minute they’re driven off the dealer’s lot and, when you’re done with them a few years later, you’re lucky to get a pack of chewing gum on the trade-in. But to the enterprising individual, that may not ... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S7 available in UAE, comes with free Entertainer app

Mar 08 2016 | Source: | Auther: The National staff
The eagerly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 is now available in the UAE - and comes complete with the Galaxy Entertainer app for free. Galaxy S7 was launched ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM ... Read More