How Robotic Automation Can Transform Healthcare Organizations (Arab Health Magazine)

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How Robotic Automation Can Transform Healthcare Organizations (Arab Health Magazine)

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Robotic Automation is a key enabler to increase efficiency (in terms of both operations and costs) and in the healthcare sphere that means allowing staff more time to focus on caring for patients and improving the experience of members.

The global healthcare industry is facing the huge challenge of creating new models of care based on patient-focused strategies and enabled by innovative technologies, in order to achieve higher quality at lower costs. This requires a dramatic effort from all the stakeholders involved, whether they are practitioners, administrators or customer representatives.

Robotic Automation, both on a server Processing level (RPA) and on Desktop level (RDA), gives healthcare providers the opportunity to rationalize front, middle and back office processes, by freeing up resources, time and capital. Tedious repetitive tasks are transferred from human to software “bots”, which also have the capability to add logic as required.

Even if some administrative tasks require a cognitive decision, the huge majority of them – such as copy-pasting data from one application to another, opening multiple interfaces to have a unified view of the patient, or renaming and storing documents in a formatted way – require little thought.


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